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Dynadot is a privately held ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company founded by software engineer Todd Han in 2002. Dynadot's headquarters is established in San Mateo, California, with offices in Zhengzhou and Beijing, China, as well as Toronto, Canada.


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Abdulsalam Raji says

"Can you please add a zero star or minus 5 so that i can just free my heavy heart of this crappy domain registrar.
PayPal Prepay deposits takes time like never unless you contact their support. They have this stupid policy they call Grace Deletion Period, when you register a domain name less than 5 days and you decide you don't want it again, you have the opportunity to delete it for a whole $3.Mind you, Other registrars also offer this service free of charge and your money would be fully refunded back to you. You can also not sell your domain until after 5 days which the grace deletion period would have ended. Such a crappy Domain Registrar, I would recommend Godaddy and Namesilo for anyone looking for a domain registrar to use.
Once again, i would really appreciate if TrustPilot can add a minus 5 rating so that i can rate this Crappy Domain Registrar."

Peter says

"A couple of days ago I bought a .eu domain only to discover that this morning, it has been suspended.
I was not fully aware of what would happen and I asked for them to refund the money as it was unfair that I should pay for something I did not get.
Of course they ccould have easily not allowed it to be purchased but that would have been too hard but easier to simply take money from others freely.
Criminal behaviour and the fact that they are reluctant to refund the money is troubling.
Ask yourselves, would you trust a service that could not afford to refund $4? They have refused to refund the money they stole and I find it embarrassing that we still have this carry on. Dynafot has learnt nothing from the past year and continues to act disgracefully.
The one star is because they replied to the email, otherwise, I would give them a mnus star rating."

/shrug says

"Around 1 week ago ( or maybe a little more) I sent an abuse report, including fake WHOIS information and cracked software and poorly made T&C. They couldn't care less.
The WHOIS information was the easiest to check. A postal code in romania has 6 digits, while the postal code in the WHOIS data was 5 digits. And the address didn't exist.
Then the cracked software. It was a bit harder to check, but it represented DMCA to CPanel L.L.C. They could've contacted them and investigate.
The poorly made T&C and Privacy Policy isn't considered that big of an abuse, but the privacy policy wasn't GDPR or CALOPPA compliant, considering that the business is based in Romania.


Fernando Martinez says

"i paid them twice still they never receive the money, my money is stuck, I am stuck with their poor custmer support who keeps telling me due to long weekend everyone is out, well I wasted my whole day try to pay them monrye for prepay, still no freaking reply from orders@dynadot
very very bad service, I would not recommed these to anyone"

Robert Haas says

"Spammer: Most of the spam I've received lately has been domains registered with dynadot. Upon complaining they say I need a "police report" which is BS."

Fastrol N says


Jack says

"Like many other people are complaining. This company who officially is domain name registrar and web hosting company is used for cybersquatting. Within seconds after I registered my Trademark (which was unthinkable) my domain was purchased by dynadot so they thought I will but it off them for money (which is NOT going to happen). Considering legal action!!"

Jack K says

"Still holding my domain hostage after paying $400 ransom. Crooks."

Ara Han says

"You search a good domain in DynaDot for 3 times before you buy, 4th time, you see it registered and no more available. I've faced this for multiple domains and sometimes, they will be available in 10 days if you dont search anymore or you may lose the domain forever. You will not find any info in Who is and will see "WHOIS data currently unavailable.". So, if you find a domain you like, just grab immediately or either you lose your domain or you will have to buy the same domain at higher price."

mark homine says

"If there is less than one 🌟 I will give it, I don't advise any one to deal with this trash company,I bought a domain name and after a 10 days they deleted my domain name, when I asked what's happening with my domain name they told me it is available and you can buy it !!I've never imagined this kind of scam,"

Gedalia Schwartz says

"A real nerve! To keep it simple they bought my domain which somehow "expired" and are trying to resell it to me for $600. I don't know how they live with themselves, taking advantage of a small business owner, like myself."

jonas says

"The suppport is not competent to help with anything remotelly more complicated - like transferring DNS records from another registrar. i just needed to copy DNS records and since they have slightly different entry fields asked their guidance. It took an hour for them to understand what is needed. then finally got detailed instructions on how to do it. Asked them to review and confirm that all is good. as a result site was down. next day the support again could not figure out that somebody needs to enter DNS records. Were given clearly nonsensical guidance. after lot's of back and forth got problem resolved, but it is a huge time and energy waste. Unless you can know things yourself and do not need their support, you should better stay away from this time drain. a few saved bucks are not worth it."

Ria says

"This company registered deut-news which is a total scam it's a website that tells you to vote for news then get paid a minimum amount of $1617 paid into you bank account which is totally untrue they don't have any contact details they scam people and steal the credit card information so please don't fall for this scam i have also seen the same website with different names."

Fred Garcia says

"My domain was cancelled although my ck. to renew it was cashed over a month ago. I've tried to chat with them numerous times but it's always busy. They do not provide a phone number to contact them on any of their sites."

Lorenzo Minott says

"They're support is crap. i have been trying to call, email and live chat a while now without successful. This is definitely not value for money."

Jacob says

"So I bought a domain from them, and then the domain got stuck In processing for 2 hours, so I contacted support, and then they send me an email so I can verify and get my domain, after 5 hours, they send me an email telling me my order was cancelled and they give back the money in my account credit, but when I try i use that account credit it just gives me “Your account is unable to submit any new orders“."

Andres says

"They are abusive with the fees, a domain name expired, so I contacted them, and they told me that I can get it back. I am going to get it back and surprise they charge me 60 dollars to get it back plus the cost of the domain name, if they have it, I don't understand. They indicate me is that if I want to recover it I have to pay their most expensive fees, but I indicate you just expired :S, is that if you let it expire the things are very high, they have the nerve to tell me that the costs are very high. I was really disappointed, when other registrars the extra cost is 5 dollars or in the worst case twice the cost of the domain, not 60 dollars, really very disappointing. nothing recommended, the assistance people very rude and not helpful."

Thos-Host says

"No refund policy, i don't recommend, they locked a domain of my customer from registration date."

steven miller says

"trash company in bed with some bad people"

Hamid Nichhihne says

"I purchased about 40 domains in a 3 day window from Dynadot.
I mainly buy domains that have just expired, so time is gold.
3 instances registration took more than an hour, luckily for me the domains were successfully registered. after submitting a number of verifications, I thought my next purchase would go smoother.
I placed an order at late hours of the day ( not much traffic) the order was pending till I contacted them on the evening of the next day, however one domain got registered by someone else in the meantime (also the other domains were available to grab up until I contacted their support).When asked about why am I losing a very valuable (2 words,.com, nohyphens, nonumbers) domain, they replied "The domain was registered elsewhere before the order processed, unfortunately. Sorry, we did not get it registered for you in time.""

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